Teachers get a sense of purpose and its fulfillment through the accomplishment of their students.

We teachers also feel that our children make us better learners as they have so much to share with us. Their questions make us look for deeper answers and we start questioning the many assumptions that we might have taken for granted in the past.

Teachers’ Day 2016 was indeed special as all wings of the school not only had planned for their senior most class kids to be the teachers of the day but also decided to choose a theme for celebrating. Class II for SVIS kids, Class V for the upper primaries, Class VIII for the Middle Wing and Class XII for Senior Wing were assigned the arduous task of sharing learning.

 “Teach the girl child” was the theme of Classes I-II assembly, Guru- a Parampara of Pre-School- Pre-Primary kids. Senior children quizzed their teachers and entertained them while making them literally dame to their music. The love & emotion that outpoured on the day gladdened the hearts of the teachers.

On 3rd September, school arranged a visit to the World of Wonders for teachers to unwind as a more cohesive group and grow. On 5th September, besides the school programmes, Lead Learner or Heads enjoyed a lunch outing together. The school management has also arranged gifts for staff as a token of appreciation.

Received via email from Sri Venkateshwar School, Sector-18, Dwarka