The Art Of Living’s Courses in Dwarka

Happiness Program
A workshop designed by the Art of Living for people above 17 years of age. The workshop, spread over 6 days for 3 hours each, it aims to bring about the most subtle betterment in one’s daily lives and bring one closer to the freedom and happiness that an individual has been looking for.

In this course various processes and meditation techniques are taught which have had tremendous benefits for millions of people, from different walks of life, across 152 countries worldwide.

Some of the benefits are as follows:
– Improved inter-personal skills
– Confidence
– Awareness towards one’s thoughts and emotions
– Effective Time management
– Emotional stability and management
– Improved decisions making capability
– Increased concentration and focus, resulting in higher          efficiency and productivity
– Improved health
– Stress free mind
– Better relations among family and friends

It is a holistic workshop involving meditation and breathing techniques which make the mind and body calm, aiding a healthy and happy living ; As a result the individual is more happy with oneself and also thereby contributing in the society to make it a better place to live in.

The Happiness workshops are regularly conducted in many prestigious institutes and organisations alike.

Details for the upcoming workshop in Dwarka are as follows
Date: 16th-21st Dec
Timings: 6-9 pm
Venue: Community Hall, Bhawalpur Apartments, Plot-30, Sector-6, Dwarka
Contact: 9868456651, 7838016868

Divya Samaj Nirman
“I want to, but I can’t.”
A workshop that enables you to eliminate the origin of this thought for any reason: The “DSN workshop” under the aegis of the Art of Living. Break your barriers, expand your comfort zone, make life more resourceful.

Details are as follows:
Date: 18th-21st Dec
Venue: Community Hall, Shaman Vihar, Plot -9,Sector-23, Dwarka.
Contact: 9958800875, 9717421454