Traffic Blues

Here are some pictures on Traffic Violations on KM Chowk. Almost 40% of the fours wheelers enter in Sector 12 Dwarka (towards KM Apartment from wrong side) as they have to take a U turn if they are going to either KM Apartment or DDA Pocket 5residential Area.
Just save few feet of distance people put other life in danger and cause a lot inconvenience to others, daily so many times. There have been so many accidents on the KM Chowk itself. Almost All Cycle Riders, and Two Wheeler pay no attention and comfortably go from wrong side. Even Water Tankers (private or on DDA duty) don’t care. Many car owners turn on their headlights and go from wrong side, as if turning on their head lights gives them permission to drive on the wrong side and putting others life in danger.
Can anybody do something for this.
And this not only for KM chowk. Ashirwad Chowk/ Ayushman Hospital Crossing is equally bad. People don’t pay any attention.
Regards Devender