Tree Plantation Drive held in in Drawka

The SDMC Park, Opp. Gokul Garden, Sector 7, is now set to get green with the kick-start of a tree plantation drive by Seniors Hub Dwarka, New Delhi on 20th of July 2019. The drive took place in association SDMC, Paramarthi – Ek Praytan and Morning Walker’s Club.

The president of the area, during his speech, emphasised on the importance of cleanliness and the contribution of every individual in keeping the surroundings clean, hygienic and green. He also said the tree plantation is the only way to fight with the pollution and improve the quality of air in our surroundings.

The members from Seniors Hub said that they decided to conduct tree planting drive at the SDMC Park of Sector-7 as this park requires some greenery and fresh air, so that more and more people can come to the park.

Paramarthi – Ek Prayatan, the NGO which is already involved in such socio-environmental activities, participated with all its employees in this move. The NGO is always eager to volunteer itself for the causes relating to environmental safety through cleanliness.

Due to their proven work and dedication, several societies, blocks, colonies and schools reach out to Paramarthi for such drives. All the teams involved in this drive cleared the ground and planted saplings and watered them. The team showed interest in tree plantation in their park which helped others to take up plantation drives across various blocks and sectors of Dwarka Sub-City.

Keeping the depleting green areas in the city, raising level of pollution and poor air quality, Paramarthi –Ek Pryatan is already planting seedlings in various areas, parks, society grounds and corners. Not only that, the team also takes these trees time after time, by monitoring the growth and treating them well.

Undoubtedly, this is a joint effort of all the people living there and the NGOs like Paramarthi. When residents choose to live in better environment. NGOs like Paramarthi- Ek Prayatan is always there to give their hand.