Uttra Pradesh state Accounts for highest road accident deaths due to such accidents

International Road Federation (IRF) , a Geneva based global body working for better and safer roads world wide has stressed on strict enforcement of Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) and Supreme court order banning vehicles from carrying rods, pipes or any protruding material beyond the body frame.

“Despite blanket ban on carrying of protruding and dangerous materials beyond the body frame various vehicles including trucks, tractors and animal pulled carts are openly flouting rules on both National as well as State highways under the nose of concerned authorities’ Said Mr K K Kapila, chairman, International Road Federation (IRF) .

” Despite total ban on carrying of such materials beyond body frame as per official data more than 23 persons die daily on Indian roads in accidents caused due to protruding roads and other such items . Uttar Pradesh state accounts for highest such road accident deaths as about 2,917 people died due to such fatalities during the year 2016 ” said Mr Kapila.

“States of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnatka, which had large share of such fatalities , have brought down causalities ” he added.

“ Thousands of The precious lives could have been saved if the ban on vehicles carrying bars and pipes beyond the body frame had been strictly enforced by both the centre and state government law enforcement agencies . ” said Mr Kapila.

“India has a dubious reputation of having the highest number of road accidents in the world. The nation accounts for about 10% of road crash fatalities worldwide. Thousands of motorists die every year in accidents caused by trucks and other vehicles parked recklessly on highways, many with iron rods protruding from their body frames.” Said Mr Kapila.

“ Strict enforcement of this law by both central and state authorities will make sure that such materials carried in a truck or trailer remains within the length of the vehicle or trailer. An awareness campaign also needs to be run to educate truckers and consignees.” He added.