Mount Abu ( Rajasthan ): The inaugural session of media conference cum retreat titled ‘ Media , Spirituality and Social Transformation‘ was held at Brahma Kumaris Gyansarovar complex in Mount Abu.

The aim of this initiative was to stimulate introspection amongst media professionals to embrace spirituality as a means for constructive journalism benefitting the society.

It was attended by prominent personalities including BK Karuna, Chairperson of Media Wing of Brahma Kumaris, Prof. Kamal Dixit, Editor of Rajikhushi Magazine, Dr. Sanjeev Bhanawat, Former head of center of mass communication, Rajasthan University, Mr. Shailendra Saxena, Consultant Editor of Dainik Bhaskar, Dehradun, BK Sheilu, Vice Chairperson of Education Wing, BK Atam Prakash, Vice Chairperson of Media Wing , BK Nirmala  and media persons from all over India.

BK Karuna, Chairperson of Media Wing of Brahma Kumaris addressed the inaugural session by recalling the guiding principle of Brahma Kumaris – One God, One World and One Family. Devotion to the work of world transformation through self transformation should be the ideal. Brahma Kumaris have been doing this work selflessly for the past eighty three years. Bharat has to become the World Teacher in Spirituality to bring in the Golden Age. Media should perform selfless service in order to be effective.

Keynote speaker, Prof. Kamal Dixit, Editor of Rajikhushi Magazine said that this opportunity should be used for deep introspection as to how to bring personal transformation. Media people should understand that publishing negative news has not led to its redressal in the society. Rather it has increased negativity. Let’s explore the initiative ‘Positive news for happy society’. Let’s pledge to practice positive journalism for a new world.

Dr. Sanjeev Bhanawat,  Former Head of Center of Mass Communication, Rajasthan University said that he is constantly in touch with Brahma Kumaris and working for the initiatives given by them. He appreciated the social work being done by the organization. Self transformation must for lasting social change. The definition of ‘news’ itself needs change today. Change will come from such conferences only.

Mr. Shailendra Saxena, Consultant Editor of Dainik Bhaskar, Dehradun said that we must pause to think about the real purpose of our existence. Mere discussion without introspection will not produce results. Spirituality is the road to truth. Following this path will change the work output for the better.

Guest of Honour Mr. Dinesh Tiwari, Assistant Editor of Hindustan Hindi Daily said that the topic today is a torchbearer for the journalistic world. Without inner peace , writing positive content is not possible.

BK Atam Prakash, Vice Chairperson of Media Wing enunciated the aims of Brahma Kumaris. Good karmas(actions) and empowerment is possible only through connection with the Supreme Soul.

BK Dr. Nirmala, Director of Gyansarovar said that our conduct can improve by following the spiritual path.

BK Sheilu, Vice Chairperson of Education Wing in her address said that the commitment to peace should be our first priority. Knowledge of self and Supreme Soul brings lasting peace. She made everyone experience Rajayoga meditation with commentary.

BK Chandrakala , Zonal Co-ordinator of Media Wing did the stage management and BK Shantanu, Head Quarters Co-ordinator of Media Wing gave vote of thanks. The program also saw candle lighting ceremony, beautiful song and dance sequences.