Veena Malik and Rajan Verma at premiere of their movie Ziindagi 50:50

Ziindagi 50:50 movie premiere was held at Fun Republic at suburban Mumbai Andheri. There were many Bollywood star like Supriya Kumar, Adi Irani, and Riya Sen was present at the event. Veena Malik and Rajan Verma’s most awaited movie Ziindagi 50:50 finally hits the theatres where Malik was seen playing a character of Madhuri, who had already broken all the limits of society and realizes that life is lived on the basis of needs not by the desires, like a beggar can fulfil his needs, but sometimes kings are also unable to complete their desires. Veena Malik who rocks in Ziindagi 50-50 as Madhuri and acts well as a prostitute as she make compromises to achieve her dreams.

Veena Malik said, “I am quite happy that my movie has released and making a buzz all over. This movie revolves around a common man’s life and will have an impact on everyone who will related to the characters.”

Rajan Verma an auto rickshaw-driver Birju eke out a living and yet trudge on with their lives in the hope of getting a MHADA-allotted home. Rupa (Supriya Kumar) wife of birju in movie, the husband-wife duo gives a close-to-real picture of how the man (and woman) in the street faces the vagaries of a metro city that is almost inhuman to those who live in its teeming tenements sans basic infrastructure. Rajan Verma character deals with the life of normal man who struggled to live their life in normal way and face many crises in his life.

Rajan Verma said, “It’s very difficult to portray the character of auto rickshaw puller and I have give my 101 percent. It’s my best performance ever.”

Rajiv Ruia said, “Today is a great day for me my movie has released worldwide in four languages its great achievement for team of Ziindagi 50:50.”

Ziindagi 50 50 is a story about a common person’s life. In everybody’s life, there are many ups and downs. At one point there is happiness and another moment is of a big sorrow. It is said that life is 20 percent how you make it and 80 percent how you take it. The way you ask questions to your life, your life will answer you in the same way. Ziindagi 50 50 is a story of such questions and answers. It is the story about three different women Rupa, Madhuri and Naina and their different dreams.