Painting Competition on Crackers Free Diwali

Ek Sangharsh is a registered NGO working on a number of issues which affect the common man directly in Delhi/NCR. We have been associated in a number of activities in Slums in form of Vocational Training for School Drop Outs, providing employment opportunities, etc. We have also been promoting transparency in public authorities through the use of the Right to Information. We have recently tied up with Delhi Police for Programme YUVA.

Next project for which we have approached your esteemed organisation is to discourage use of crackers on Diwali. We all are well aware of the harmful impact of crackers on environment. During Diwali, crackers become life-threatening for Asthma patients and animals. It is our moral, social and constitutional responsibility to protect the environment and care of our fellow beings.

As the common saying goes, Hit the Iron when it is Hot; Ek Sangharsh invites your prestigious
organization to participate in the Painting Competition on the theme Crackers Free Diwali.
The objective of this competition is to encourage students to celebrate Diwali in a positive
manner and to save the environment.

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