Wanted High Alert – A new Show on Colors

 PremBabu Sharma

 Actor Sushant Singh aka Dushyant of STAR Plus Gulaal will be seen anchoring Wanted High Alert , a crime-based show on Colors channel.

The show will feature real life cases of absconding criminals. Sushant Singh says, “I am glad to be the part of this show which is completely different from other crime shows in India. After acting, it would be a completely different experience anchoring and I am really looking forward to be the part of this show.”

Later on head of programming , Ashiwini Yardi of Colors commented that, “As kids, we had watched “Apan Yana Pahilat Ka… a news segment on Doordarshan where one was informed about fugitives on the run. It was government’s way of involving junta to help them find and bring the criminals to book. Several years have passed. The faces behind the crime has changed, but the crime hasn’t. So we have decided to take up this issue to figure out the criminal by involving junta in it and I am sure audiences would love the concept of the show and the way it has being shot.”

The show will be produced by BAG films and is accepted to occupy the prime time slot on the channel. It would interesting to watch out Sushant Singh in new role.