The World Gold Council Celebrates India’s love affair with Gold this Diwali

PremBabu Sharma

India’s relationship with gold, has endured for as long as its traditions and, so ingrained is its significance in our culture, that it occupies the center stage in conversations across generations, especially during Diwali – the most festive time of the year! The onset of Diwali marks off the season for Indian families to indulge in gold jewellery shopping, as a symbol of worship to Goddess Lakshmi. Moreover, the purchase of gold jewellery has a strong emotional sentiment attached to it, in the context of Indian families.Gold is considered to be the single most traditionally popular gift during Diwali that translates into an unspoken language of love and care amongst all relationships. It’s a unique storehouse of emotional value, that is not only enduring, but it also outlasts any other purchase.During Diwali, gold is revered as sign of wealth, prosperity and celebrations in all our rituals, festivities.  Quite simply, Gold makes the Diwali celebrations complete!

With this context, the World Gold Council has introduced a campaign to bring alive the significant role that gold plays in our lives. The campaign is drawn from the insight that investing in Gold jewellery gives us an emotive payoff and strengthens relationships. It further drives the self-realization that gold is actually a smarter investment, as it’s about investing in your love, your future and your relationships. The core creative idea of ‘10 Diwalis ago’, really stems from the insight that no purchase made 10 Diwalis ago would be as valuable as gold. Spending close to Rs.15 crores on this 360 degree activation, the World Gold Council is working together with the trade to promote purchase of gold jewellery this festive season.

Jewellers are playing their part by giving consumers new reasons to smile. Specific jewellery retailers are launching exclusive gold jewellery collections this festive season. Some of these include PN Gadgil Jewellers (Pune), Waman Hari Pethe (Mumbai), Senco (Kolkatta), and Abaran Jewellers (Bangalore) Others have launched special lucky draw schemes to drive footfalls to their stores such as BC Sen in Delhi. PC jewellers (Delhi), is offering a 15% discount on making charges and a lucky draw coupon for purchases of Rs. 50000 and above. NAC Chennai, has launched a lucky draw scheme which gives the consumers a chance to win 10 lacs worth of jewellery.

Prachi Tiwari, Director – Marketing, World Gold Council India, says, “The World Gold Council aims to drive relevance for gold across consumer categories and life stages. This festive season, we wanted to remind people about their most treasured Diwali purchase. Most of us would remember a gold purchase, however long ago it was, and it is during Diwali that one reaffirms the important role that gold jewellery plays in strengthening our relationships. It is this insight that drives our core message – this Diwali, don’t’ just spend, invest!”So, this Diwali, invest in your relationships, invest in the warm glow of gold!