World Movies Distribution Is A One Stop Solution

The International Film Distribution has never been smaller or more complex. As we know 40% of the world’s population live in China and India alone, and these two countries are already the world’s number one audience for daily news and the number one and two producers of new film releases. Not only that, but the new raising middle classes are also picking up the Internet faster than television. The biggest individual spenders on entertainment are the USA, Japan, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Italy. World Media Distribution is the contact with the international distributors and the sales agents that will in turn into the green light for the producers Just as it’s up to the producer to identify the distribution windows and the sales breakdowns, and also prepare their Moves for the unique territories which is untapped by the Bollywood producers and the Tollywood industry World Movie Distribution is an initiative by World News Network which brings the film festivals closer to them so that they can market it in the international film festivals and also sell it in the sales markets distributers as there are around 200 territories to pursue and sell it to them so it creates new territories, manage relationships and contacts and centralise the meetings between distributers, studio heads, and distribution chiefs.

Satish Reddy from World Movie Distribution said, “Changes in film distribution technology now provides filmmakers with access to major online marketplaces such as Amazon and iTunes with more than 1500 cable networks as Hollywood majors are embracing digital to a greater degree than ever before, moving towards an on-demand world to allow streaming, day and date released across a host of devices from PC, tablets and smart TVs, to game consoles. “

World Movies Distribution is going to be the powerful distribution in international events and will be marketing in The American Film Market, The Cannes Film Festival, European Film Market and much more. Producers have recognized the expert who will optimize film’s promotion in their territory and respect the strength of their market. Recently we have notice Delegates from Georgia had visited India where Satish Reddy was seen hosting them and working on Film distribution in Georgia.