Yoga can heal any pain says Ram Das Thosar

(Report & Photo:S.S.Dogra)

Pune: Yoga can heal any pain says Ram Das Thosar yes this is a true fact that’s why our own Hon’ble Prime Minister was able to mark 21st June as International Yoga Day. Mr. Ram Das Thosar is a yoga teacher who is teaching yoga since 1989. He is taking yoga classes two hours in morning & evening also. Many people are being benefited from his yoga courses. Talking to Dwarka Parichay he informed that in 1987 he fell down from a mango tree & got injured his back, he took treatment but could not recovery properly even he could not even sit for 15 minutes or sleep well. Then he came into contact with a Yoga expert and learnt basic yogic exercises and virtue of the tradition yogic method he overcome his backache problem. Since, then he became yoga follower & teacher to spread this wonderful Indian Yoga wonder among the residents of Pune. 

His regular class starts right from 5.30 a.m. in the morning, break during day & resume again in the evening batches. This is also an interesting fact, that 90% of his followers are female. These females are housewife, working, even self employed & students but very much practice yoga to keep themselves healthy by adopting these yoga classes.