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Prembabu Sharma

Sean and Leila find the hospital that Samantha was held in but everyone seems to have left. They also find a file containing information about Leila’s father showing pictures indicating that he seems to have not have aged at all since the 1940s.
Sophia tells Lee that Thomas has a secret stash of money that is managed by a man named Stephen Grant. Lee decides that he will find and talk to Grant immediately but it is found that he had been killed by Thomas. Martinez and Sterling discover what at first seems to be a missile launched by Thomas headed straight toward the western side of the United States. They fear that it has a nuclear warhead on it, but it is then noticed that the U.S. is not the target for the missile and it seems to be heading into space. The missile turns out to be a communications satellite that is transmitting a message into space from Thomas and Isabel to the aliens’ home. On Nov 16, Wednesday, 10 PM.