Zee TV actors talk about their most memorable Holi celebrations – Part- II

With the festival of colours around the corner, Zee TV’s lead actors are talking about their most memorable Holi celebrations as well as their plans for this Holi…

Prembabu Sharma

Rati Pandey (Indira of Hitler Didi): Being from a small town, Holi has always been a huge celebration with friends and family. I remember spending hours trying to scrub off the colour from my face as a child! We would get so caught up in playing holi that by the end of it we would be covered in so much colour that it would be difficult to tell one from the other. This year I will becelebrating Holi with my surrogate family (cast and crew of Hitler Didi) on the sets for sure especially since we have the Holi special on the day after Holi. I am sure it will be a lot of fun, especially since I have a few pranks up my sleeve.

Kinshuk Mahajan (Pintu Singh of Afsar Bitiya): Holi is a wonderful way to get in touch with the child within you. I think the whole concept of splashing water and color on your friends and creating a big halla gulla has a very school-like vibe to it … this is the kind of fun we used to have as kids and I strongly recommend getting back to it atleast once every year.

Ragini Nandwani (Lovely of Mrs Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein) : I loved Holi as a kid because its all about getting messy with colors and I guess that’s something which catches any child’s fancy. While I’d like to believe that the child within me is still pretty much alive, I have grown out of the Holi habit. Now it’s just a day off from work to be spent with my family!

Rithvik Dhanjani (Arjun of Pavitra Rishta):
Having spent a large chunk of my life out of India, Holi has never been an occassion that I have celebrated on such a huge scale. At least
not in the way it is celebrated here in India. But after celebrating Holi here last year, I am looking forward to the celebration again this year as well. The most memorable of course is the Bhaang and the after-effects of it…it makes people do the funniest things!

Navneet Nishan (Simi of Hitler Didi) 
I usually play it a little low key around Holi as I’m not the kinds to enjoy the hooliganism that Holi celebrations in Mumbai have turned into. Coming from a hearty Punjabi family, I used to enjoy the festival with my cousins and friends when I was younger. But back then, it was about getting together for a good time, smearing a small amount of natural gulaal on each other, enjoying bhaang and at the most splashing each other with pichkaaris. Nobody used crazy substances and smashed water balloons from a distance to hurt innocent passers by. These days, I let neighbors do a gulaal teeka on my forehead at best!

Suhasi Dhami (Abha of Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli) : Holi is a lot of fun provided you know you’re in safe hands and you can trust the people you’re playing with. I do have my share of friends of the opposite sex but I know they will never cross a line of decency while playing Holi with me. One of the most memorable Holi celebrations I have had was when my friends and I took off on a whim and drove down to a friend’s farmhouse and lit up the Holi bonfire there … then woke up the next day and played with colors!

Sumit Vats (Rishi of Hitler Didi): I have always celebrated Holi with close my friends back home in Delhi. Holi in Delhi takes on a completely different flavour altogether. The only Holi plans that I know I have for sure is the one to shoot for the Holi special on my show Hitler Didi. Since this is my first Holi in Mumbai, I am looking forward to seeing what the city has to offer.

Smita Singh (Sunaina bhabhi of Hitler Didi):
Holi is one of my favourite festivals in the year! Who can resist the colours and the masti that abounds on this day? It’s like people are
taken over with mischief and revelry. My favourite part of course is catching upsuspecting people and smearing them with colour! This year I have not made any plans as yet but I am sure I will be doing something or the other. I am not one to stay home on Holi!

Sara Khan (Mona of Ram Milaayi Jodi)
I love playing Holi … the only thing I don’t like about it is the avoidable reddish hue of gulaal that stays on my face for atleast a day or two after I’ve played Holi … as a kid, I used to enjoy even that because it was a sure-shot way of announcing to all your class mates how much fun you had playing Holi in your building the previous day. But now that I’m no longer a showy little silly kid, the gulaal aftermath is just an embarassment.