3W can destroy any Nation

Raj Kumar Phul

According to History, three evils i.e. three W’s – Wine, Women and Wealth have always destroyed Nation.

Unfortunately, these very things have become rampant in India to-day. There is no Social gathering without wine flowing there. Rather it is considered a symbol of Social status of a person.

About Women, fashion designers are trying to bring in the market new designs of women dresses exposing most of their bodies as much naked as possible. This has led to assaults on women in the form of abductions, rapes and even murders. It seems that there is no effective censor board to check this evil on display on TV serials and films. Their effect on younger generation is clear from the spate of goondaism in colleges and universities in the country.

About wealth, most of the people are running to get it by whatever means possible like Bribery, Smuggling, Manufacture of fake products e.g medicines, currency, sweets, milk etc.

As for corruption, most of the employees whether Govt or Civil spheres and most of all, Politicians are all culprits of this evil. About the last group, it is clear from the declarations of their assets at the time of elections in provincial and central Legislatures.

Looking back, it is observed that old civilizations like ROMAN, GREEK, Aryians etc. were destroyed because of these evils. The HINDU civilization has survived because of ancient Teachers called RISHIS, who guided both the rulers and the ruled, with noble preaching of strong character, discipline and feeling of brotherhood irrespective of Caste, Creed or Colour. (Brotherhood in the form of VASUDEV KUTUMBKAM).

It is now high time for all the countrymen to follow and implement the noble ideas/preaching’s of our ancient civilization. Failure to do so (God forbid) may not prove fatal for our sacred culture.

‘‘ना समझागे तो मिट जाआगे हिंदुस्तान वालों ,
तुम्हारी दास्ताँ  तक भी ना होगी दास्तानों में  “