65 years old Kang Myung-Koo from South Korea running 11,000kms from Jeju Island to Vatican for world peace currently is in India

Kang Myung-koo , a 65 year old marathoner , a cerebral infarction patient from Republic of Korea (South Korea ) has been running a marathon for World Peace and to bridge the divide between South and North Korea since October 1, 2022 is currently in India to further strengthen relations between India and Koreas and meet the Tibetan Spiritual leader His Holiness Dalai Lama. 

Kang Myung-Koo a cerebral infarction ( A stroke caused by interruption and blockage of blood flow to brain) took a decision to run 11000 km from the Jeju Island to Rome through 19 countries for 400 days that even a healthy young person would not have dared to imagine. Having launched his mission on his feet along with a hand-kart in which he carries his luggage on October 1, 2022 in JejuIsland of peace in South Korea, Kang has been running through Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and now has entered India from Kolkata early this month. 

“During my run in various states in India I got tremendous support and has further  encouragedme in my mission of promoting world peace and unity . People in India are helpful , extend great hospitality and are spiritual . One gets feeling of one world “said beaming Kang Myung-Koo.

 Today a lunch was hosted in his honor by MrJagdip Singh, Honorary Consul General, Republic of Korea (South Korea ) . While in Delhi, he plans to meet Korean Ambassador Chang Jae-bok, and the members of Federation of Korean Associations in India.

On his mission, Kang marathoners will cross 19 countries from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. His travel plan includes countries from Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and finally Italy.

“Korea is India’s most important trading partner in Asia and our countries share a strategic partnership, visit of Kang will further help improving professional and cultural  bondwith Korea and further strengthening our ties in the areas sports  education and culture . It will also help in supporting global harmony” said MrJagdip Singh, Honorary Consul General, Republic of Korea and Chairman Sigma Group of Companies while welcoming Mr Kang .

On September 28, 2023, the last day of the long journey, Kang plans to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican to deliver his wishes for peace on the Korean Peninsula. Various diplomats from Korean embassy were present on the occasion