83rd AGM of the ICAR held in New Delhi

New Delhi.6th March, 2012. Shri Sharad Pawar, Union Minister of Agriculture and Food Processing Industries and President of the ICAR Society urged agricultural scientists to explore practical solutions to the problems being faced by the farmers in fields. He was addressing 83rd Annual General Meeting of the ICAR Society at NASC complex here today.

In his address, he emphasized on the degrading natural resources such as deteriorating soil health, availability of water resources, changing climate and called upon scientists to undertake innovative research to address these issues. Shri Pawar said that research work being done in the laboratories should not remain limited in the premises. There is an urgent need to deliver the results in the farmer’s fields. Further, he mentioned rain-fed areas of the country having potential to substantially contribute in the food security of the nation. Hence, research in this area needs to be strengthened and accelerated. Shri Pawar also laid emphasis on development of quality human resources for agricultural research in which State Agricultural Universities and ICAR must act in collaboration.