Happy Raksha Bandhan message

Respected Brother/Sister

We hope that you and your family must be happy and healthy. The pious festival of Shravani-Poornima (Full Moon night of the Shravan month of the Hindu calendar) / Raksha Bandhan is on 5th August. On this occasion, it is natural to remember our loved ones. Please tie the sacred thread (raksha sootra) and accept our loving blessings on the occasion of this festival.

Shravani / Raksha Bandhan festival symbolizes the pious affection filled bond of brother and sister. It also symbolizes the disciplines and the austerities that are to be practiced by the saints and righteous Brahmins. This pious day is also the occasion for taking the great pledge of following the ‘spiritual teacher – disciple’ tradition; the disciple can take a pledge to adopt the teacher’s divine righteous knowledge in his/her life and become more glorious/energetic and enlightened.

The sacred threads (raksha sootra) remind us of the affectionate relationship between Revered Gurudev and Revered Mataji, who not only revived the spiritual teacher – disciple tradition, but also provided it a much wider / grand structure in the form of a global family (vasudhaiv kutumbakam). The manner in which we are attached to them by bonds of love and affection – it is a unique example of ‘spiritual teacher – disciple’ tradition in the present times. Everybody is overwhelmed by their affectionate love / kinship. It is our hearty wish that this affectionate relationship should become stronger and keep on increasing day by day.

Please keep us informing about the well being and progress of your family. I heartily pray to the Almighty Motherly Power for the all round progress and happy life of you all.

Yours Sister
(Shailbala Pandya)