A Film on “Bhatta Parsaul incident”- MUAVZA

Prembabu Sharma

A very new news for all bollywood fans that a very popular versatile senior actor and Antakshari fame Anu Kapoor, soon be seen playing the role of a guzzar in the film “MUAVZA”. The most interesting news is, the entire film is shot in a very controversial village BHATTA PARSAUL and story of the
film is also based on the controversy which attracted the media most which happened some years back. Anu Kapoor is playing the lead in the film and is much anticipated as this film is based on the real incident. 
While shooting in the village, director Girish Juneja faced a lot of problems, but he didn’t stop and moved, facing the problems which sometimes people and sometimes authority of the village created. But once the people and authority realized, they even helped the whole cast and crew in making of the film.
Gujjars are a very proud and head-strong community. Somehow they felt that we were only doing mockery of their customs and behavior in our film. So few people from other village came to our location and put a gun on the temple of one of our team members. We had to stop the shoot for almost a day to sort out the matter but It was a very scary moment for us, because they really don’t think twice before pulling the trigger. Luckily they were from other village, so people from our village came for our rescue.” Said Director Girish juneja
With an ensemble star cast of Annu Kapoor, Akhilendra Mishra, Pankaj Beri, Govind Pandey, Deepak Verma, Tejinder, Kamlesh Gill, Manoj Bakshi and others, ‘MUAVZA’ meaning compensation, is produced by Jagdish Gupta under the banner of Jagson Entertainment Company and directed & written by Girish Juneja. It’s music is by Upmanyu Bhanot, Editor is Sanjay Sankla while creative director is Aslam Khan. Under the able guidance of Chairman Mr. Jagdish P. Gupta, Jagson Entertainment Company believes in progressive and entertaining cinema.