Adventure-cum-Leadership Training Camp

It is rightly said that ‘True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body’. Believing in it JM International School planned an Adventure-cum-Leadership Training camp for its students on 13th February 2010 at village Mitraon, Najafgarh. The mélange of activities at the camp appealed to body, mind & soul of the campers refreshing them for the leadership role that life offers to everyone. Students had an eventful day as the excursion was worth every minute. Besides a lot of fun- filled & adventure based activities like wall climbing, river crossing, rappelling, commando crawl and commando net, camel cart & tractor ride, magic show, students had sumptuous and nutritious meals. An array of activities were organized with the aim to foster team- spirit and take students closer to nature and give them an exposure to community life.

Adrenaline rush of the adventurous activities leading to excitement & energization of the body; gaiety of togetherness refreshing the mind and the beauty of nature at the camp- site soothing the soul provided the much needed getaway from the humdrum life.

The interaction with the psychologist helped the students in ‘self-realization’ as it is important to know your potential and capabilities in order to actualize your dreams.
Healthy competition is not negative; it only spurs you to greater heights’. This was brought home gently. There were many activities where every one could compete so that no child felt small yet there were enough obstacles to be crossed for challenging their minds and bodies. We know the first hurdle is not of body’s resistance but of conquering the fear in mind as “It is the fear which stops; not the failure”. Thus students imbibed the value of concentration and self-belief along with the urge to out- perform one’s own last attempt & of peers as well.

Nina Sharma, Karan Singh Rawat, Devangi Jain, Kanica Goel, Ashmit Chillar, Deepak Patel, Shradha Tyagi, Henrietta Joshi, Priyanka Chauhan, Abhinav Bajaj were awarded for over all outstanding performance in the camp activities.