Aman Verma has been roped into play the role of an Asur

Prem Babu Sharma

Aman Verma, talented actor and anchor, will be soon essaying an interesting character in Zee TV’s hit primetime show Chhoti Bahu. Aman has been roped in to play the role of an Asur (demon) will prove to be a formidable opponent against Lord Krishna’s Godly powers. The current track in the serial has been well received by viewers and Aman Verma’s powerful entry will surely add an interesting angle to the story.

The storyline shows that Lord Krishna decides to teach Barkha a lesson for killing Radhika. Krishna assumes Radhika’s shape and enters the Rajpurohit household post which there have been a series of miracles inexplicable to normal human beings leaving inmates baffled. Barkha is suspicious and catches Radhika (Kanha in disguise)inadvertently performing some magic tricks. She decides to teach Radhika a lesson and introduces a man who is nothing short of the devil’s incarnation. He has dark supernatural powers whose job will be to give Kanha a tough fight. He is the quintessential Asur who is equally powerful and will rise against the Lord.

Aman said, “This is going to be a very challenging role. I will enter the Rajpurohit house as Vishwanath, an estranged uncle of Dev (Avinash Sachdev) who had left home 18 years ago. My character has shades of grey which will be kept under wraps under an able guise of a smart attire and suave look. It will be tough to play the role of an Asur battling the God himself. Looking forward to the challenge.”

Aman further added, “I like how people love to hate me. That’s a gratification. In this show they needed an actor to match the intensity of the main lead. So here I am.” About doing negative roles for the longest time, he says, “As long as I am acting and doing my best, I can sleep peacefully every night, feeling content.”

Till now Kanha had to battle human beings…How will Lord Krishna deal with the Asur? Like legends of folklore will this turn out to be another epic victory of good vs evil?

To find out tune into Chhoti Bahu every Monday to Friday 7:30 PM, only on Zee TV.