Anna Hazare’s crusade and atmosphere of corruption !

R.D. Bhardwaj

Some people may criticise Anna Hazare and his team members by saying that their mission of getting the Jan Lokpal Bill passed, has failed as they could not achieve their target. But, I beg to differ with them, as even though Team Anna has been disbanded by Anna Hazare himself, but they have successfully enlightened the crores of gullible people by their sincere and steady campaign and wide coverage given to it by the print and electronic media, to what extent corruption has been spread and who are the real culprits for this wide-spread mess caused by illegal means. We should also remember that we are living in a democratic country and not in Sudan or Egypt or Kenya where people resort to violence to get rid of tyrannical and autocratic rulers. Democratic systems have their limitations and we are suffering because of that. 

Only non-violent and democratic methods can be adopted by the people here even to lodge their protests and highlight their grievances and that is what Team Anna has done throughout their tireless campaign. Since the govt. of the day has not woken up and tried to give serious thoughts it deserved to mitigate the bruised sentiments of the people, now it is for the people to impress upon the crusaders of this movement to take the next step i.e. to make a political party and also take all necessary steps so that by the time of next general elections are announced, the new a party is well prepared – not only to give the forces of evil a tough fight and show them the door, but also win a sizeable number of seats to ensure that they are in a position to have their say. I would also like to request Swami Ramdev to join hands with Anna Hazare so that they fight the next election by joining hands.

As far as the hoping something good to happen from UPA governance is concerned, the least said is better. The only thing that comes to my mind is that – even if Mahatma Gandhi himself comes alive to the UPA Govt. and requests them to mend their ways and take some strict punitive action on the set of corrupt minsters and extract the hard earned money of the poor tax payers, they will certainly not listen to him. Rather, some of them will surely rebuke him by saying. “Listen Bapu ! Please don’t preach us any lesson to remain honest and live on meagre means, as we have won the last election by spending crores to rupees and after distributing thousands of blankets, wine bottles to the men-folks and Sarees to the poor ladies, and now it is our turn to make quick money to ensure a wealthy and comfortable future for our grand children. You better go to your Shantivan and take rest there. We assure you that we will continue to visit you on republic day, independence day and also on 2nd October every year. Secondly, please also note that politics may have remained a sort of social service during your days, but these days, it is just like a big business opportunity for us ! So, why should not we make a hay while the sun shines brightly …….. !! ”