Bagrodians ventured Paris on an Educational Tour

N.K.Bagrodia Public School ,Dwarka again proved its mettle in the field of rendering a global platform to its students and anexposure to the new destinations . The school organised a ten day educational tour to Paris from 15th May to 24th May 2016 giving an inimitable opportunity to the selected students to get a first- hand experience to stay abroad in French families and learn French culture.

The 10-day programme was designed in an optimalmanner to enable the students to understand the history and culture of France. Upon reaching their destination the students were welcomed by the host families with whom they were supposed to reside for next ten days. Then the students were to explore the picturesque beauty of France. The first day they visited MusseGrevin, a wax museum which is famous for its exclusive creations like wax statues of many famous international historical, political and Hollywood personalities . This was followed by a visit to Centre Pompidou, an art gallery where themarvellous paintings and artefacts of various artists were displayed.

The world- famous spectacular structure Eiffel Tower’s visit took the students to another dimension .They could view the Paris city from the second floor of the Tower and enthralled by its majestic height. On the fourth day of the tour they experienced the most amazing moment of their lives ,their visit to Disneyland. They spent an entire day there and enjoyed screaming their lungs out on the rides like Crush Coaster, Indiana Jones , Space Mountain Mission II, Pirates of Caribbean etc.

Excursion to Chateau de Versailles, the grand castle of King Louis XIII gave the students an insight into the grandeur lifestyle of the king and history of France. It was surrounded by the huge parkswhich captivated the students by their artistic beauty and greenery. The following day the students awesomely enjoyed the ship tour in Paris and viewed various famous buildings and structures of great significance along the banks of the river .

On seventh day the students explored Louvre Museum which is the most visited places in Paris. They were bemused by the famous historical Egyptian remnants , statues and paintings . The famous art work of the great Piccaso,the ‘Monalisa Painting’ gripped the students’ hearts. Later they visited Monmatre hill ( Sacre Coeur), the famous place of worship.

Visit to Notre Dame , the sacred church enabled the students to get familiar to the real sense of peace of mind. They later visited the Galerie de Fayette and then purchased the souvenirs and chocolates for their dear and near ones.

The studentsalso got an opportunity to attend French classes at ‘Instiut De Langue Francais’. In order to get better insight into the French language , the students actively participated in various activities and interactive sessions conducted at the institute.

The students also spent quality time with their respective French families and prepared Indian dishes to make them familiar with Indian cuisine and culture.On the day of departure the students expressed their gratitude to the host families for extending them kind hospitality and comfort.

The tour indeed opened new avenues of learning for students and they would cherish this opportunity for their life time.