Become a Fool for Forests and save forests…

There are 45,000 types of plants and 81,000 types of animals and 27.5 crore people depending on Indian forests. They are all about to go.

Join us to save our forests. Foolish idea some say! We would rather be foolish than be clever and convert forests into money. And lose them forever.

Why save forests?
No forests, no oxygen.
No forests, more carbon dioxide.
No forests, no water.
No forests, more human-animal conflict.
What can you do?
Get involved to save our last forests, our last chance to survive.
And it is not only about you; you have to get others involved.
Our politicians think that we do not want a clean world.
So a lot of us will have to force them to act.
After all, they are our representatives.
If it takes a fool to save the forests, be a fool.

Be a Greenpeace volunteer, and make your future clean.
You are foolish if you think forests need to be saved. That’s what our government calls people who want to keep forests safe from coal mines.

The government plans to mine coal in the last remaining forests in eastern and central India. These forests support millions of livelihoods and are home to wildlife like tigers and elephants. There are clean energy options and energy efficiency measures which can help us meet our energy requirements.

If our ‘smart government’ has its way it will probably clear all the forests and leave barren coal mines for the future generations. We surely don’t want this to happen. If all the Fools for Forests get together they can help strengthen the movement to save our forests from destruction.

You should become a Fool for Forests to help save the forests.
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More and more people becoming Fools for Forest strengthen the struggle to keep our forests safe. The government will find it difficult to ignore so many fools trying to protect their forests.

A study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reveals that renewable energy options can power the world. Forests are precious and even the best re-forestation can never bring them back to their original state.

The government needs to know that forests are supported by the people of this country. Become a fool and tell them now!

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