Career Fair cum Conference was organised by Vandana International School Dwarka

A Career Fair cum Conference was organised by Vandana International School , Sector-10, Dwarka on 20th November, 2015 with the objective of making available to its students from X – XII pertinent and comprehensive knowhow of multifarious various career options.

The Fair comprised of the Career Exhibition wherein diverse career options from Commerce, Science and Humanities fields were showcased and explained in remarkable detail . A total of 12 stalls where career fields like Defence, Medicine, Para Medical, Vocational Studies, Sports, Government sector, to name a few, were compendiously explained through the means of power-point presentations, questionnaires, , demonstration, aptitude testing etc. 
Relevant and apposite details like scope, future prospects, eligibility criteria etc. were explained comprehensively for the benefit of the students and parents alike. It was an enriching and enlightening experience for all. 
The Career Conference comprised of meaningful interaction with renowned counsellors, Mr. Jatin Chawla and Dr. Sanjeev Arora. They facilitated the students to make judicious choices regarding stream and career choice through analysis of inherent aptitude, interest and competencies. Queries by the students were answered and concerns duly addressed by the experts. The interactive sessions will go a long way in enabling the students to make studied career decision which have life-altering potential. 
The school chairman Mr. V.P. Tandon was sanguine that such initiatives by the school will play a vital role in career- choice making by the students by way of providing disambiguation and clarity on options available to them ,commensurate to their aptitude, capabilities and interest.