Rajendra Dhar

As Historically recorded by Historians, the breed known as POLITICIANS came into existence with the formation of the Roman Empire, but in India historically speaking the first known Politician was CHANAKYA. Till the time the Roman Politicians were upright and honest and their only concern was to make the Roman Empire the mightiest of all, Rome and the people of Rome flourished and indeed that breed of Politicians in reality made Roman Empire the mightiest Empire in the world solely for the reason that the Roman Politicians personal & professional ambitions were restricted to only one aim and goal and that was to make the Roman Empire the mightiest Empire in the World and every Roman Citizen prosperous.
The day the Roman Politicians became Corrupt, Greedy and Immoral i.e. just before the Roman Politicians plotted and executed the Devious Plan of assassinating the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, the downfall of the Roman Empire started and. eventually because of this new breed of Corrupt, Greedy, Criminal and Immoral Politicians, the Great Roman Empire was wiped off the face of the earth, as it has been rightly said by the Sages that, “WHAT YOU SOW YOU, YOUR FUTURE GENERATIONS REAP”.

All Indians Are & Should Be Proud Of The Fact That The Greatest Politician Of All, The World Has Ever Known, Was Chanakya An Indian Whose Personal And Professional Ambitions Were Restricted To Only One Thing And That Was To Unite Bharat Varsh And Make Bharat Varsh The Most Powerful Nation In The World And The Indian People The Most Prosperous. Chanakya Lived For His Cause Which He Achieved Within A Short Span Of Time. He Had No Lust For Money And/Or Material Possessions And Personally He Lived And Died A Daridra (Poor). All Along He Lived In A Small Hutment Outside The Capital City Even Though He Was The King Maker Prime Minister And All Powerful.

The back ground of the present day Indian Politicians is that almost all of them before entering Politics are/were paupers and within a short span become millionaires and billionaires. Almost all of them have a Criminal Background and/or patronize Criminals and are very much a part of the UNHOLY POLITICIAN-CRIMINAL-POLICE NEXUS.

The origin of Bureaucracy and the so-called Police can again be traced to the Roman Empire where Citizens by turn were appointed as Administrators and Law Enforcers (Police) and their appointment was not of a permanent nature. Their continuance would depend on their performance. Unfortunately with the advent of Corrupt, Greedy and Immoral Politicians, Bureaucracy and the Police also became Corrupt, Greedy and Immoral as the Rogue Politicians started using the Bureaucracy and the Police for the achievement of their Corrupt, Greedy, Immoral and Criminal Ambitions and the Bureaucrats and the Law Enforcers (Police) followed in the footsteps of their Political Mentors.

Senior Police Officers, especially the Chiefs, are known for their penchant for beating their hollow drums before the media. Why their drumbeats smack of hollowness is because of the fact that they take recourse to a well known deceitful & illusion creating tool commonly termed as “STATISTICAL JUGGLERY”. Just by harping on the fallacy that 90% criminal offences have been solved by a particular state’s police in no way proves that Crime is under control and/or at an all time low.

What about those thousands of Criminal Complaints of the aggrieved which are deliberately not recorded as F.I.R.s by the Corrupt & Errant Cops ?. What about the deliberate shoddy investigations conducted by the corrupt & errant cops as a result of which the accused cannot be convicted for the crimes committed by them by the trial courts and/or get away with lighter sentences ?. What about deliberate late and/or non-filing of charge sheets by the police as a result of which even those criminals who are guilty of heinous crimes manage to obtain bail from the Courts of Law ?. What about the percentage of Criminals who escape conviction as result of thepolice-criminal nexus ? , Etc, Etc, Etc.

Through the ages the world over, Judges have been revered and held in high esteem, not because of their positions, but because of the fact that the Judges and the Judiciary, in whatever shape and form, have kept alive and burning ever bright the torch of Humanity, Human Life, Human Rights and Human Values, otherwise Humanity would have been dead long time back. All through the ages Judges have perfectly attuned themselves to the changing times and changing perceptions.

It were the likes of Chanakya, Jahangir, the Judge of Merchant of Venice who really cared and worked for the good of the so-termed AAM AADMI.

All those who have even an iota of concern for human life, human values & human rights should join hands (being self-centred never pays) to make the world a better place to live, work & play, if not for ourselves at least for the sake of our future generations.