How “Uttar Pradesh” became “Akhilesh Pradesh”

Dr KK Aggarwal
Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee
President, Heart Care Foundation of India 

A few days back I saw the front page news in one of the national dailies which talked about “Akhilesh Pradesh” and not “Uttar Pradesh”.

Any news paper represents the collective consciousness of the people. What made the people of UP andIndiato think that it was “Akhilesh” for whom they have been waiting as THEEEEE LEADER.

For this we need to understand the qualifications required to become a king. Unfortunately in our constitution there is no such course but Lord Vishnu had defined the same in his das avtaras.

In Satya Yuga you require four qualifications of courses 

1. Course on Matsya, the fish: means learning to think differently.
2. Course on Kurma, the tortoise: learning when to withdraw.
3. Course on Varaha, the boar: learning to be persistent in your goals in life.
4. Course on Narasimha, the half-man/half-lion: learning to believe that nothing is impossible.
In Treta yuga you need 3 additional courses to attend and qualify
5. Course on Vamana, the dwarf: that is to learn all the tactics, sam, dam, dhand and bhed.
6. Course on Parashurama: means learning to fight injustice and corruption
7. Now you are qualified to rule like RAMA
In Dwapra Yuga you need one more course to qualify as a king
8. Course on Krishna means learning Rajneti.
In Kaliyuga you need the last additional course on
9. Buddha: learning the principles of inter connectedness and welfare of the all.

Akhilesh only point which made him popular was his qualification of Parashurama, by not allowing the UP mafia to fight the elections from his party. Now if he continues on his Parashurama like qualities and adds to his Rajneti learned from his father and works for the welfare of the society there is no reason he can become one of the most successful CM’s of the country.

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