While vendors might appear divided over selling their commodities directly to e-retail online stores but several competing enterprise portal vendors have kicked off a united forum Online Vendor Association of India (OVAOI) to voice their concerns and protect their rights .

“ With hardly any regulation from the government side on e-retailers and almost 20-30 vendors selling same type products to online sellers with huge price disparity , things are really becoming tough for vendors working already on thin margins . We have to go by the diktats of the online sales portals with hardly any say. We have formed this forum to air our views and discuss problems unitedly “said Mr Rahul Suri, Convenor of the newly formed Online Vendor Association of India (OVAOI) .

“To control online sales various online sellers are indulging in unfair practices and it is very difficult for us to keep day to day vigil on all portals selling various vendors products, some indulge in selling below Acer said, “It issued warnings and strict measures against who indulge in unfair price practices to control online sales and confirmed that Acer doesn’t have direct engagement with online portals. The company brought a practice of a day to day vigil on the online portals and react to those who are selling much below Market Operated Prices (MOP)”.said Mr Suri.

“Lot of livelihood of vendor employees are also depending on offline retail market and channel business . Online stores with their unfair business practices are killing the normal business of a vendor. More over most of the expenses including delivery , Shipment, return are to be bourne by the vendor, who already have paper thin margins, e-portals are just enjoying the Venture capital and FDI funds also as well as bleeding Vendors”said another vendor Shishir Sharma.

“Under this new forum we will develop a clear online vendor policy , spo that the prices are ot under cut and consumers get the right deal. We will also create a policy if e-seller sells products below MOP , the back ends will be deducted “ said Mr Sharma.

“Some of the other issues being faced by Vendors is shipping problems, The courier/shipping agent sent by e-seller does not come on the fixed time to pick up the product, if time given for picking up product is 4 .00 P.M., he arrives at 2.00 P.M. creating Chaos for the vendor”Mr Sharma added.