Complaint about irregular supply of electricity in Dwarka

I am writing this email to customer care as I am unable to reach anyone on the phone.
I am a resident of C-501, Chitrakoot Apartments, Plot No. 9, Sector 22, Dwarka, New Delhi-110 077. For the past two days, the electricity is getting disconnected early night and gets restored in almost next morning. All our efforts to reach your customer care phone lines prove futile because the lines are blocked with a recorded message stating ”all the lines are busy”. We the people of India now know very well the tactic of keeping away complainants and more so the record of complaints. I tried for several hours last night on a auto dial mode to see ”when your customer care(!!!) telephone lines get free” despite knowing that it is deliberately and mischievously blocked. Your relevant telephone lines donot have a provision of recording the messages also (Tel Number 3247 5377). Needless to say, message recording facility on telephone does not cost anything now.

Kindly :
Let the public know in advance if there is a load shedding with justified reasons
Let the public know if there is a line fault and also the reason why the lines cannot be maintained properly, as other countries do? After all we donot get the electricity for free.
Public pay for the electricity and they have a right for the same. Plz let us know the reasons why should we suffer for your inefficiency?
Let us know you are answerable to whom in this world?

Looking forward to hear from you by return mail.