Vedic Media Creations has made Consumer’s dream come true by launching of BOW.

Prembabu Sharma 

Vedic media organized its launch function at Club Noida sector 15 A Noida. Where they facilated 100 consumers into this scheme and made their dream of owning a brand new car comes true. While handing over the Car keys to the consumer, the Directors of the Company i.e. Mr. Abhinav Bardhan, Arvind Kumar, Altaf Khan & J.S.Verma said that under this scheme the lower middle class and lower income segment can now own new cars and enjoy the all benefits under this scheme ,the Consumers can buy Cars up to six lakhs. Wherein they just has to make 25% down payment and the remaining 75% will be financed by Banks /NBFC or other financial Institutions under this scheme the consumers car doors will be used for placing adverts of the company’s clients and the company in return will pay them a scheme participation fee on a monthly basis. This will enable them of repay the bank/NBFC the loan availed for purchasing the vehicles.
Vedic’s Directors also said that there BOW scheme will available to consumers on all Over the country after this Launch from Noida covering Delhi & NCR within next few months. As per the Company’s plan this scheme will reach out and fulfill dreams of million of consumers all over the country.
Vedic’s Directors also explained that under this scheme the Corporate Client’s will not only benefits in cost incurred for Outdoor Media but this shall also enable them and their brands to reach into the Consumers homes and be part of their everyday life. Brand empower is also one of the prime objective under BOW Scheme.