Home Remedies for Cool Summer

Shruti Phul

· Drink enough water during daytime in summer.(preferably a glass of water every hour).

· Boil milk with a touch of cardamom or some rose petals. Cool it and enjoy this excellent summer drink!

· Have fruit juices like watermelon, orange, pineapple etc. You can add some leaves of mint in them as it has excellent cooling effect.

· Make ‘lassi’ from curd. Mix curd and water in ratio of 3:1 and add some sugar and Rooh Afzato beat the heat.

· Have herbal drink made from mint leaves to keep cool in summer. 

· Make ‘aampanna’ or the ‘raw mango juice’, by first roasting or boiling raw mangoes and then mixing the pulp in cool water with a pinch of salt and some sugar.

· Have ‘chanch’ or buttermilk in the morning with your breakfast. This keeps cool from within and save you from the heat waves outside.