Construction industry including engineers and architects in the country should revisit their mindset, adopt new mission statements  and play a leadership role in developing sustainable infrastructure  overcoming global challenges, such as depletion of natural resources, environmental pollution, rapid population growth and damage to ecosystems. And contribute in  building a more sustainable, stable, and equitable world.

 “For developing sustainable infrastructure including the construction of roads, bridges, ports, power plants and water supply, the construction industry and builders  must adopt a completely different attitude towards natural and cultural systems. Sustainable growth helps in protecting vital natural resources along with promoting efficient use of financial resources. Sustainable infrastructure not just protects the environment, but also adds long-term value to the facilities. It enhances the quality of life for citizens of the country.” Said Mr Kaushal Kishore , Union Minister of state for Urban development while inaugurating a two day seminar on ‘Sustainable built environment built for future ‘ organised by the Indian Buildings Congress (IBC) here today.

“The building industry should also find innovative ways to increase capacity building of the infrastructure and construction industry, quality of civil works and need to improve project management through an efficient dispute resolution mechanism..The industry should also give top priority to protection of the environment and climate change in executing all various infrastructure projects.” Said Dr Ogunshakin.

The minister stressed ‘Make in India ‘ and Atamnirbhar Bharat  and cited examples of Japan and China to emphasise his point and said Japan which was attacked with a nuclear bomb in 1945 during the World War II rebuilt itself into a major leader in technology and other fields as “all its people, whether from the government, administration, media and ordinary citizens, decide to work towards building a country with ‘Make-in-Japan’ vision”.he added

“The People’s Republic of China, which was established two years after India’s Independence, had a similar vision of ‘Make-in-China’ and they took over large portions of markets, including in India, with their cheap products which people wanted. So, with a “feeling of nationalism” things can be done better. Officers will do their work more diligently if they have those feelings that “they are doing it for their country and its prosperity”, the minister said.The minister also presented awards including to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) which was received by Mr Mangu Singh, CEO of DMRC . Those present on the occasion included  Pradeep Mittal ,President ,IBC and O.P .Goyal Founder president of IBC.