Consultants and service sector Letter to RBI Governor reg. Payment of US Dollars within the Country

consulting engineers in the country in a letter to the Governor,  Reserve Bank of India to intervene and ensure that the foreign currency transactions within the country be not routed through the United States (US) banking system  in order to avoid  transaction fee and save foreign currency .

“Currently transaction fee is levied on US Dollars transactions within the Country. Say  a payment in US$ from Delhi to Hyderabad from one entity to the other in the current dispensation, is required to be undertaken through the US banking system . This should be undertaken directly through the Reserve Bank of India and there should be no requirement of routing them through the American Banking system. By routing the transactions through the American Banking system, the country is losing substantial money, which is going to the Americans towards transaction costs, “ said Mr K K Kapila, former president, Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI)

“It is a peculiar scenario that for foreign currency transactions within the country  one of the Banks from India sends dollars to the US to get them back in another Bank in India? To my mind, as long as we are transacting in US Dollars within India, there should be no transaction cost payable to the US.” He added. 

This needs an urgent correction, lest we continue to lose every single day. If it is part of some Trade Agreement, it needs an urgent relook. Let this be addressed on top priority.

“RBI should bring in this correction immediately lest country will  continue to lose valuable foreign exchange. It is   fully understood that US transactions to countries other than India have to continue via US but RBI should not continue to have internal transactions within the country via US. If any amendment to existing arrangements signed between the two Nations are required, Indian government  should take it up logically and get this Agreement revised showing them the merits of moving dollars within our country from one branch to another should not be required to be routed through the US.” He added .