Delhi Decision-Will New MLAs Improve Road Map & Inner Democracy?

Rakesh Manchanda

Time is getting ready to declare Delhi Voters verdict. Will it be rock- Paanch Saal Kejriwal or has Delhi decided to follow the chant…Chalo Chaley Modi Ke Sath ?

A Blind follower once asked God if there is a worst situation then losing an eye sight? God explained -losing vision for community connection is even worst then a loss of an eye sight.

If Modi Magic is broken in Delhi after Delhi Verdict, it will throw two clear visions- the arrogance and inner party democracy. These two ugly diseased tags will become visible in both- BJP and AAP.

How this will happen and why arrogance needs to be fought within?

The slogan 5 years Kejriwal in Hindi teases the Swaraj concept of Masters as the Tax payers controlling the fate of the Nagar Sevaks. Import of an untested party face without the approval of the workers is easy. Modi Model to project Kiran Bedi as CM Candidate is the worst example to demonstrate this. Road blocks emerging during the execution of the `after sale` services is normal. Modi Team in the past 8 months and BJP controlled MCD in Delhi in the past 8 years have failed miserably to fulfil promises.

PM Modi impressed many Delhi voters with his oratory skills when he said “jab nasib wale se achcha ho raha hai toh kam-nasib wale ko kyu laaoge”. To add salt to the injury PM Modi divides Indian jobs in Good luck and bad luck jokes and demands voters to elect the good luck charmer Modi behind BJP candidates.

Let us not forget that right to recall elected leaders and right to audit in every five weeks or five months movement is still not workable in contrast to the safe slogan of Paanch Saal-5 years rule.

Even if BJP wins or loses the major undercurrent in each party shall remain on the unfair import of a CM or MLA face without volunteers’ approval. This `short cut` act is not new to political parties. All parties head are masters in Para Dropping of New election candidate at the last minute. Para dropping contest infact has made the unequal leader-volunteer fault line now visible across all political parties. It shocks public and shows that top leadership does not honour the investment of tested cadres. It promotes `win ability` via one person face without work and past value investment. This choiceless route at the cost of network team adaptability needs to change.

Hurried act of last minute import of a `Neta` sharply digs on the common inhouse democracy issues of all political parties. Shazia Illmi and many more left AAP on no inner democracy excuses for `greener` pastures in BJP. The twist is in BJP also they shall face Modi Dictator Vaad. Fence sitters must understand that AAP leaders like Arvind Kejriwal and Yogender Yadav had apologised and promised fair inhouse elections. This needs more inhouse churning for a serious betterment.

The knee jerk old remark of Arvind Kejriwal that AAP had offered CM seat to Kiran Bedi in the past shows his reluctance not to involve party workers in simple decision making. Consent from ground zero will be more healthy for inner democracy then the Orders coming from the top.

Fag end of Delhi elections also witnessed exposure in double standards of BJP-Congress on the AAP two crore donations taken last year on 5th.April-2014. Both (BJP-Congress) cried wolf on donation via cheque and tag it wrongly as `hawala` wherein both failed to improve the bankers and registrar of companies transparent control over donations. AAP played smart by accepting donations via cheque not cash and opening an opportunity to teach Public why the regulation and control of governments is poor on donation source.

For betterment of Delhi it is vital that AAP volunteers replace the salesmen shoes with Swaraj-Sevak boots faster. Delay as done by Modi team who are still stuck up in their promotional shoes and dream selling will not be appreciated by Dilli the Model change maker of India.

“Time is the wisest counsellor of all”- remains the famous prescription of Pericles as no one is perfect.