“Dhani ka Digicam” movie is a shocking eye-opener

Abhishek Dubey 

The World has a reputation for happy endings and song and dance, but it has its darker side too, as director Sourabh Vyas portraying in his upcoming movie “Dhani Ka Digicam” which is produced by Dr. Jaishree Manchanda. “Dhani Ka Digicam” is a shocking eye-opener and cleans out the noises about darker side of world. This is a film that knows its job. Dhani Ka Digicam is the kind of story that we don’t want to hear, which is exactly why we must hear it. Dhani a Deaf and dumb girl, who is just 13 year old has been bought, sold and introduced in the dark underbelly of our civilization. This is the first ever movie of India, which will represent the handy cam in the film. Camera is itself a character in the film. The film will be seen through the eyes of handy cam.

Director Sourabh Vyas said, “This film is based on true incidence that’s why we have filmed it in a very realistic approach. Our characters are so real that you may initially think it’s a documentary. But we have maintained entertainment value.”

Dhani Ka Digicam movie based on real life story, a 13-year-old-girl old virgin girl from rural India who was up for sale on a highway and pushed into prostitution and was rescued from it later. In India where girls are burden to their Family selling their girl child for money it’s become ritual in many state of India. Dhani Ka Digicam movie deals with the emotion and perspective of the girl who faces the illegal system of India.

Producer Dr. jaishree Manchanda said, “I always wanted to produce film. I think this is the right film to start with. It has very fresh story. And I am sure people will love camera work of this film, it is very different. And the important thing is, it deals with child trafficking. I am very happy that I am the part of this important film.”