M. K. Gupta

We generally think that we are safe and secure inside a Society but this may not be always true. On 24th December, reportedly thieves has stolen cash and jewellary from some flats in the Sahara Society, Plot No. 11, Sector 6. Recently, such theft was also conducted from the Badhawar Society in the same sector. Thieves locked nearby flats on the same floor from outside.

It is a mystery that while the guards were on the gate to guard, how the thieves made their way inside the complex and went unnoticed after they stole cash and jewellery? It has been informed that in this regard, a meeting attended by the ACP, Mr. Mukesh Sinha, a member of Thana Level Committee; Mrs. Sushma Bhatia, President, Sahara Society and some others has taken place 2-3 days ago.

Mr. M. S. Randhawa, ACP, Dwarka has always stressed the need for the verifications of workers and the residents and for making a penal of verified guards and that only the verified guards should be deployed. He also made it clear that those agencies failing in this task can be black listed. Now, it is the turn of the respective Managing Committees to act and ask the security agencies for the same and should exercise vigil.

Our guard is Police but it is also found wanting. Incidence of snatching of chain, purse and other valuables are also being talked. It has been told to me on the condition of anonymity that recently, two bike borne youths snatched a purse near Plot No. 10/11, (Rudra/Sahara Society) and also withdrawn money from the ATM from the card in the purse. The PCR came and went away telling that local police is must and it came after over half an hour and noted the incidence. In another incidence, snatchers snatched purse containing Rs 12,000, other valuables and documents. Matter was reported to police and the complaint / FIR was registered, as has been told by a reliable source. All such incidences are not always reported to police because the victim usually says “FIR se Kya Hoga? Police sub Jaanati Hai.“ The very remarks show that the public is losing / has lost faith in their guards which can only be restored by the concerted efforts of our police.