Dr. Vineeta Chaturvedi will remembered for her inspiring efforts forever.

(Prof. S.S.Dogra)

After the upbringing by parents, a teacher plays a very important role in educating and making a person capable in life, which is why the position of a teacher is considered supreme in Indian society. This is why teachers are immortal. Who doesn’t know great gurus like Mahavir, Gautam Buddha, Maharishi Valmiki, Guru Ravidas, Shankaracharya Guru Dronacharya, Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Guru Nanak, Kabir and other great gurus? In reality, a teacher is like a rose among flowers that fragrances our lives. Teachers are indeed the real invaluable heritage of the country. The role of a teacher is indispensable and unparalleled in nation-building. In this series, today we are talking about a great teacher who is none other than Dr. Mrs. Vineeta (Neerja) Chaturvedi.

Dr. Vineeta was born on May 13, 1940 in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, in an educated Hindu Brahmin family. She received her primary and secondary education in Kolkata, while she pursued higher education (post-marriage) in Agra, Jammu, and New Delhi. Along with her studies, both her parents’ literary interests had a significant influence on her from childhood, leading to a special interest in writing. As a result, at the tender age of just 9-10 years old, her writings started getting published in Kolkata’s daily “Vishwamitra”, children’s columns of “Navbharat Times”, “Shishu”, “Parag” and other children’s magazines, as well as compositions in the national magazine “Chaturvedi”. During her lifetime, Dr. Vinita emerged as a pioneer of humanity, authored practice books for middle school students, translated the book “Flowers that heal” written by Dr. Malati Khetan into Hindi, translated the book “Indigo Earth” written by Ms. Shalini Miglani into Hindi, compiled self-written poems for children, allegories, dance dramas and story collections etc. Not only this, she continued to create numerous plays, dance dramas, songs and poems for children. Her husband Mr. Abhaykant Chaturvedi’s (who was actively working in Modern School and was a renowned Hindi commentator on All India Radio and Doordarshan) special contribution has been instrumental in generating interest towards Hindi among Hindi-speaking children. Her own son Abhinav Chaturvedi (popularly known as Nanhe in HUM LOG ..India’s First TV Serial) well groomed by her and off course Abhinav not only played Ranji Trophy for Delhi but also acclaimed TV & Bollywood Actor.

On 30th April, 2024 she left us physically but during her 84 years of life, she fulfilled her educational, writing, family, and social responsibilities with excellence. She truly was a priceless heritage of India and should be honored by the Delhi government or the Central government as well.
(The author is the Bureau Chief of the Himalini magazine published from Nepal and has also written five books.)