Dwarka Forum and Manipal Hospital organized a Health Talk

*Manipal Hospital* in association with *Dwarka Forum* organized a *Health Talk* on 2nd July 2022, Saturday covering two topics, *Spine Health and Healthy Food Habits*.

It was a big attraction, and large number of DF members joined the session. 

*Dr. Saurabh Verma* (Head of Spine Surgery), one of the top Spine surgeons, explained how to prevent SPINE issues. He said that *the brain coordinates activity throughout body and spinal cord carries information between the brain and body. Having a healthy spine allows the brain and spinal cord to work together to carry out all body’s functions*. Further he spoke, maintaining a good posture to help keep back pain at bay & incorporate simple exercises in daily routine. He emphasized the importance of WALK 40-45 minutes every day to keep away SPINE related issues. 

*Dr.Vaishali Verma*, a famous Dietician & Diabetic specialist, covered the topic of Healthy Food Habits. She informed, *A healthy balanced diet is the key for maintaining good health and immunity*.  A diet that contains the proper proportion of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water necessary to maintain good health. Four main area which everyone needs to take care – *Exercise, Manage Weight, Water Intake and Balanced Diet*. 

The session was interactive, most of participants raised their individual queries and very well addressed by Dr. Saurabh Verma & Dr. Vaishali Verma.

*Mr. Sushil Kumar* thanked on behalf of Dwarka Forum to the entire Manipal Hospital team, both Doctors and *Ms Yamini Gupta* for very well organized arrangements. He also thanked to all participants and appreciated both GB members – *Mr. Anil Kundra & Mr. Kaushal Khanna* of Dwarka Forum for taking the initiative related to Health Talk. Along with DF GB Members, *Mr. Menon & Mr Mahesh Tak*, he proposed & agreed to continue this cooperation with Manipal Hospital in the long run and continue to arrange more such sessions in future.