Dwarka Forum meet DDA to discuss problem & issues of Dwarka

The meeting begins with the follow up of last meeting DDA officials, DDA Member and Dwarka Forum representatives.

Rajesh Gehlot, Rejimon CK , Sushil Kumar,  Rajeev Solanki and M K Gupta

Meeting was chaired by Shri. Rajesh Gehlot, DDA Member, Dy Mayour MCD and Area Councillor with DDA officials. Rejimon CK President, Sushil Kumar, Gen. Secretary, Rajeev Solanki, Vice President, M K Gupta, Jt. Secretary and P Menon, GB Member represented from Dwarka Forum. Robin Sharma attend the meeting on behalf of Market Trade Association.
Community Halls:
The CE, Sr. Architect, Director Planning Dwarka and Concerned EE updated on various status of the community hall construction. The Sector 11, 19 Tender were issued. Sector 9 and 3 P (Scheme Plan) were issued however awaits Chief Fire Officer (CFO) awaited. The Sr. Architect team will put up and follow up with Architect on speed up of the community halls and put up for screening committee. The community halls construction for Sector 17 and Sector 23 were handed over to MCD.

Sports Complex: Sr. Architect informed that Sector 17 and 8 drawing approved will be provided with 15 days for boundary walls. Sector 19 Director Dwarka Planning informed it will be ready for layout plan within 4 months. Sector 23 a joint inspecting was conducted by LM/Architect team. Status report is awaited from LM.

Quality of Roads: The DDA Member informed since the CRRI report on quality of roads were available the work must start immediately. The complaint about Sector 18B apartment’s roads, Mr. Bindesh and Mr. IJ Gupta EE will visit and report. The EE IJ Gupta informed for all major Master Plan roads a Tender worth Rs. 32 crore were finalized and estimated within 4 months complete the work.

Cleaning of Roads: Cleaning of all main Roads and Pedestrian paths: Road No 201, 205 and 210 will be completed within 15 days. The DDA Member and others desired that the DDA give top priority to two main roads of Dwarka i.e 201 and 210 to be maintained in TOP CLASS QUALITY. The Residents of Sector 23 mentioned of very substandard maintenance of roads in Sector 23 and CE assured it will be repaired within 3 months. Also the restoration work of DJB will be done within 3 months.

Electrical: The list of 20 parks where lighting to be fixed will be provided to Electrical. and within 3 months all work related electrical will be completed. The DDA Member and DF desired the shifting of all the BSES HT pole from middle of service road and make all electrical lines underground.

Multi Level Parking: Since there is no designated parking plot available as per plan Director Planning Dwarka will identify Multi Level Parking for Sector 6/10, Sector 4/5/11/12 markets. The option of Multi Level Parking for 6/10 may identify in Sector 11 near sports club and change the land usage.

Covering of Open Nallah: The DDA informed that the nallah from Madhuvihar part of Phase I completed and rest of the area is awaiting NOC from Airport Authority as the proposed plan to drop fish may be objection to them.

Bharat Vandana Park: The DDA HQ again changed the plan to have foreign consultants so it will go on for long. Meanwhile the boundary wall needs to put in place so the Sr. Architect will provide drawing within 15 days to CE office for a boundary wall.

Play area: The Sector 11 Play area tender is awarded and expected to complete in few months. The Sector 4 is yet to start. The Sector 22 and 23 need to identify NEW Plot for the same. The existing parks are damaged by playing by adults.

Toilet: The CE informed that Delhi Tourism department has agreed for a project and it is in the process of finalizing and identifying locations. The sector 10 Toilet complex will be handed over to sector 10 Market Trade assoction. The Sector 6 MTA will get the Mobile toilet and DDA will inspect and suggest appropriate location for the same. The DDA Board meeting on 15th Dec will discuss on the plots and location where MCD will be given to build Toilet complex and will be taken up DDA Member and Dy. Mayor.

DDA Pocket Repairing: The CE informed an external agency (NCCBL) was appointed and report is awaited for recommendations. The pockets transfered to Dwarka by South Zone are Pocket 13 A & B, Sector 16, Sector 3 Pocket 1 & 2, and Sector 14.

Flyovers: The DDA Member and Dwarka Forum have raised the issue of Flyover needed at 3 locations. One at Sector 6/7/1/2 Crossing another at Sector 3/4/13/14 and one after Dwarka Palam Flyover at Indian Oil Junction. The CE and Dwarka Planning will initiate the same and send to UTTIPEC.

Dwarka Forum raised the issue of absence of Vegetable and Fruit market in Dwarka. The DDA member asked the Director Planning to identify the location centrally located areas to cater entire Dwarka and send to DDA Board.

CCTV Room and Police Chowki: The Dwarka Forum through DDA member reuqested the DDA not to demolsh the CCTV Room build at Sector 6 market as it is imporant for the Public Safety in view of the growing threat from terrorist and monitoring such CCTV require room. Dwarka Forum had written to DDA Chairman to consider this in the next meeting.

DDA will identify location to have permanent Dhalao or Construction Malba to be deposited for each Sectors.

Some of the issues planed for discussing in the next meeting are : The Service Sector, Library Land to Delhi Public Library, No Tolerance Zone , Water Supply handing over to DJB, Pending approval of 750 bed hospital.