Environmental Awareness at Abhyan Appt. Sect 12, Dwarka

The theme of this Get-together was about the benefits of tree planting and the re use of domestic bio waste as fertilizer. Regarding this Mr. P.K. Dutta Naturalist spoke about the importance of planting of trees and made people aware about why it is important to save water. He stressed the importance of utilization of water which comes from R.O. Systems and A.C’s. Information was given about Delhi Sarkar Scheme funds of Rs.1,80,000(one lakh eighty thousand) for societies to maintain their Society parks. Already 15 societies have got the benefits of this Scheme. This scheme is applicable to DDA societies also.

Mr. Srinivas Mooty from Green World Associates was also present at the get together, he spoke about the benefits of Vermi composting. He talked about how we can make manure with our regular domestic bio-waste. Information about medicinal, indoor and outdoor plants was provided which is good for us and for the environment. Various types of Plants and Trees that helps us in controlling pollution and purifying our environment was discussed.

Many ladies participated in this event and made it successful. Interaction session was also there where nearby ladies came with some problems also, that they are not getting sufficient water from MCD for their regulars needs. There are paying Rs. 2300 (per flat / per month) for tankers which are also leaking. Till they reach to their society 30% of water is leaked and wasted, also burning of waste is causing environmental issues.