Fastest Salary Hike of MLAs = `Cut &Paste` American `Ishtyle`.

America the richest country in the world is a Hi Fi Corporate salary role model in the world.

Rakesh Manchanda

Several Indian CEOs follow America Money Model blindly including our CMs and PM. Copying American Ishtyle(style) is a short cut. It shall fetch sure success is a myth is the fashionable buzz.

However America profit distribution map that claims to trickle down is always Anti-Swaraj and Corruption friendly. 

Wage hike is for favorable few under the mask of merit and rest slog on & on.

What these leaders do not tell us ? They promised to raise the purchasing power of 1.2 crore Delhi Wallas first and not of 70 Nagar Sevaks.

My Humble Prayer to Honorable CM Delhi :

Are you bringing Swaraj in India or in America ? This is not New York or London Sir ji.

People with tolerance on streets are asking-Why your AAP ministers did not consult us in Mohalla Sabhas before this 400 % hike in your AK-76 salary.

Who stopped you Sir ji ?

For a secret `Pal` called Jan Lok `Pal` your blind followers dance and distribute sweets.

This includes your Poster boy Raghav Chaddha stand dancing on a single foot to your tune Sir Ji.

Richest Chief Min. Vs Poorest Chief Min. salary.

Tripura CM official salary is Rs.9500/- per month.

He donates his salary, Rs 12,500, to his CPI(M) party fund and gets a monthly ‘wage’ of Rs 5,000 in return which is now raised to Rs.10,000/- per month.

How is this Indian CM & his retired wife with her pension both are managing with spotless austerity against your (CM Delhi) new standard wage of Rs.235,000/- per month ?

Those of us who wish to know more about how this successful Tripura CM from past 18 years is controlling militancy may visit the link…

Let us stop giving a fake idea that increase in salary of an MLA will stop corruption in Delhi Sir ji.

`Me & My Delhi MLAs` Salary tag of CM appears to reduce the common man to a squeezed guthali (mangoe seed).

See such jokes cracking around in the social media.

Many insiders in AAP remind the Vyapum (MP scam) istyle selection procedure of AAP leaders including the recent blind purchases of Ambulances in Delhi.

You advise that PM India salary should by Rs.8-10 lacs per month. What an intelligence Sir ji.

Sir when you took oath second time as CM Delhi,the Rupee Vs Dollar exchange was around Rs.60.

When you raised salary by 400% Rupee Dollar became more weak around Rs.68/-.

Thanks to you and more to Hon.PM.

No ruler today is bothered to see the condition of a common man which we use to discuss in 2011 as in my old article via link…


Let us understand the Great American Economy.

A baby sitter in America demands Minimum monthly wage which is 4500 American Dollars.

Still there are highest number of gun fights and rapes on the street of America says Dr.Munish Raizada-AAP Ex-Coordinator Oversea in Chicago.

For those who missed India Rupee Vs American Dollar may visit my old article via link..

Let us not forget the alert fuel providers and overseas donors sitting in America feeling cheated .
Why ? Coz you (CM Delhi ) promised a better Delhi.
Everyone knows where the money comes from as the indirect taxes collection are almost 10 times more than the direct income tax of the rich.

There is nothing wrong in a decent salary hike provided the tax payers as masters in Swaraj format also get the hike benefit

Few overseas friends of AAP wish to know if Anna permitted you Sir ji to make our Delhi MLAs as the richest Nagar Sevaks in India@Rs.2.35 lacs per month ?

Wah ! What a Swaraj ! Nice Jumbla (Joke) Sir Ji
Need to decide fast-Is Nagar Sevak MLA Salary justified Sir ji ?