FIR against Sheila Dixit : Its Valentine`s day Side Effects

Rakesh Manchanda

About author : Has worked in India and several countries as Director Executive and now is full time supporter of AAP in Delhi and North India monitoring the historical people movement for a Swaraj.
Lodging an FIR against former Chief Minister Sheila Dixit by Delhi Anti-Corruption Branch is an excellent Governance move.

FIR position and its details in connection with a street light CWG project has several interesting fallouts with few side effects in the life of common people.

Why the street lights say at cost of less then Rs. 6000/-were purchased by Sheila Dixit Delhi Congress government at Rs.25000 each ?

Why the competitive BJP with ruling corporaters majority in the MCD decided to purchase same light at even more inflated corrupt price of approx. Rs.32000 each. The final losers remain the helpless people as taxpayers.

In reverse social engineering the AAP government may find it difficult to survive. However the future Swaraj Bill, Mohalla Sabhas with the `Right to Recall` the elected representative shall empower the hard working 99% public to question their Nagar Sevaks.

Why, how and from where say approx.24 crore worth flower pots (gamlas) were purchased during Common Wealth Games ?

From which Mohalla and from which suppliers these flower pots were purchased ?-chips in an AAP supporter.

Where did the flower pots go after the games were over ?
Where did the CWG purchase committee buy the expensive toilet tissue papers ?

How far the impact of corruption case against Mrs Shiela Dikshit would go is fast getting clear. People are getting ready to reverse their old habits to accept all weak logics of the Neta/Leaders. The police stations in the Mohalla shall soon be seeking local Public opinion whether to register an FIR on complains or not ? 

Let us see the fallout of Delhi`s Anti-Corruption Branch`s FIR today against Shiela Dixit ?

Local RSS Pracharak and BJP promoter in Vishwas Nagar is seen shouting : Why Arvind is wasting time on revenge politics ?

Same RSS pracharak few days before wanted to know why there was no arrest of Shiela Dixit. Reason given by BJP then was that AAP-Congress both are supporting each other.

Same lobby of BJP ducks the question as to how the Delhi BJP top leaders in MCD are involved in Website Scam of Rs.15 crore.

Another RSS cader in fault finding mode says that Arvind Kejriwal does not know how to run and govern the government.

What such leaders miss to realise is that AAP and Arvind both accept in modesty that they are novice and not experts.

Both(AAP and CM) invite the alert participation of people by monitoring and via social/financial audit in running government each day.

These are the same set of people who take pride in reminding that Atal Bihari Vajpayee initiated to protect the Valentine moves of Rahul Gandhi in 2001.

A section of media and RSS puts that Rahul Gandhi was caught by FBI at Boston airport with illegal 200,000 dollars with his combodian Girlfriend, who was the daughter of a Combodian drug mafia.
Why BJP Government then failed to lodge an FIR and expose this issue and instead protected this illegal activity ?

Why RSS and BJP fails to lodge an FIR in such sensitive issue and why they still protect Modi in his famous Gujarat bloodbath statement :

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”
Why should Arvind Kejriwal get angry and always sit on Protest-Dharna chips in a television channel ?

Channel and the selective media fails when the same question gets reversed :
Should we stop the Aam Admi from getting angry if Police refuses to register FIR against a rape ?

Anger is an essential human emotion which cannot be wished away.

In holy Gita is not true that Lord Krishna as `Khaas Aadmi` showed his `angry form`(Vikral Roop) to motivate Arjun for political war ?

Why should we expect the AAP Nagar sevak leadership to be at par with the God.

The FIR syndrome against Shiela Dixit also demonstrates the common sense that instead of Post analysis of expenses there will be pre-analysis of each and every public expense from the Government treasury.
Need of the hour and correct priority is to consolidate or to build Mohalla Samatti or organise local people to shoot the emergency troubles for 99%.
This needs simple efforts to blow ownership rights among the 99% people who produce growth and pay taxes.
The buzz today remain that People are now hungry for Self rule or Swaraj. People need to learn fast from their day to experience and discard old traditional politics and its leaders.

Hence fellow citizens you need to realise your own power of unity.
Be prepared to take a risk for a better society.
Do not rely on old traditional politicians to change system for you.

Check out !
Conventional leaders of BJP-Congress shall break your heart on the coming Valentine day.