First World Problems Vs Real World Problems – A Satirical video on Rich Urban India by Culture Machine’s Old Delhi Films

Prembabu Sharma​

They wear branded clothes; roam in expensive bikes and cars, and hang out at cool places! They are India’s rich urban kids! From an outset, their life might seem dreamlike. But hey, they also have got ‘Problems’. That guy, you just saw jogging in the park, had to skip Gym today because he could not find his ‘gym shoes’. The pretty looking girl who you think is relaxing in the rear seat of a luxury car is upset as she cannot find the perfect dress for the party tonight!

These and many such problems are being faced by most of the rich urban youngsters in India. Problems, which might not even count like real problems, but enough to create an imbalance in their hassle-free, easy and tech savvy lives. Focused on small petty needs, these problems are simply shallow and superficial. And what this section of society does not understand that there is a world beyond theirs, where people do not even have access to even one percent of what they have. We live in a country where 30 percent of our population lives under poverty line, they do not have basic amenities like food, clothing and shelter. The video is actually a comparison between the two different social and economic backgrounds.