Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector 18, Dwarka, host Street Plays

The street play societies of Delhi University’s Hindu College, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies and Drama-Nomics College of Vocational Studies and as a part of the Atelier’s ACT Festival Season 8 performed at SVIS, Sector 18, Dwarka on Tuesday, March17, 2015. The performances won many a heart and imbued social messages for all to take home and cherish for times to come.

Sri VIS was one of the only two schools in Delhi, this college fest travelled to and left an indelible mark not only with their messages but an awe and panache with which these young collegiates performed was so brilliant, that they inspired the students to marvel at how theatre can help build a holistic and a confident individual.

The first play titled, ‘Kissa Jaana Anjana’ was performed by the team of Hindu College with its theme of making choices or ignoring options at discretion: a choice to believe in nothing and fall for anything. The second performance was by the students of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College with their play titled ‘Tu Haar Na Maan’ which revolved around the un-noticed theme of suicides in the country,presenting snapshots of the social stigmas, prejudices and stereotypes trapping the society and leading people to fall prey to societal judgements and giving up on their dreams. The third play was ‘Finding Shammi’ by the students of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies bringing to the forefront the phenomenon of ‘religious fanaticism’. It explored tender emotions that have a unique way of surfacing when faced with death of a beloved. The last play, ‘Nabbe Second ki Red light’ was performed by the students of Drama-Nomics College of Vocational Studies, who provided an insight into the lives of the beggars and how they are lured into a life of ordeal and the hardships they face and how the people and the government fail to acknowledge their existence.

With such innovation, the street plays emphasized the need to break the silence and urged all to take a stand and to raise a voice against the social stigmas. The students as well as the teachers enjoyed and appreciated the performances realizing the effectiveness of this medium.