French Exchange Programme with Lycée du Noordover , Grande Synthe

‘The journey of thousand miles begin with one step’- a quote totally relevant to the experience experienced by the students of NK Bagrodia Public School, sector 4, Dwarka. The students of NK Bagrodia Public School, sector 4, Dwarka have been constantly rooting themselves for accelerations leaving behind the stairs for juniors to lead onto the footprints and rise above. Keeping the very thought into the hearts, a ‘Students’ Exchange Program to France’ was organized by the school under the guidance of our respected Principal Dr Mrs Rajee N Kumar and coordinated by Mr. Karan Kataria. 12 students accompanied by two teachers Mr Karan Kataria and Ms Sarika Kalia visited France as a part of this exchange. It was a programme  spanning 15 days from 29th April 2019 to 13th May 2019 .

The program commenced on 29th April 2019 , the Indian students and teachers took flight from New Delhi and reached Paris on 29th April and boarded the bus for the host school . The students were warmly welcomed by the school’s principal , teachers and host families . The students were accommodated in French families during their stay in France so that Indian students and teachers get acquainted with French culture and traditions . 

The following day, the students got a chance to meet the Mayor and were welcomed in the high school with families in the presence of the  Mayor. The school chosen for the French Exchange Program is a highly reputed school based in France under the name ‘Lycee du Noordover’ , located in Grande Synthe, France.

The students got the opportunity to visit Brussels where they visited Europeen Parliament , cathedral Saint Michel , museum of Beautiful arts . The tour included visit to museums and a walk around the Royal Palace . The guides which were provided were both French and English speaking which acted as a great help to the students as they could not only talk in English but could interact with them in French which is actually the main purpose of getting them such exchange programs .

After their return from Brussels , the students also discovered the northern cities of France like Lille and Gravelines where various activities such as escape games in Villeneuve d’ Ascq. were also organized for the students along with the guided tour of Lille .

The other days which were spent in French host school  had our students’ dream of attending classes with their associates and their wish of attending open houses with them. The students also worked on the Indo French cultural project which was the main aim of their visit to the country. The students finally exhibited the work done by them and spent the last day celebrations with their host families. The tour was an exhilarating experience for the students.