Greetings from GreenOlutions an NGO working for protection and promotion of Environment.

Since inception over almost a decade and a half ago the sprawling sub-city is seems to be shrinking due to phenomenal growth in numbers, be it people, cars, motorcycles, buses etc) the situation is gradually becoming difficult for pedestrians, slow moving traffic day by day.

Considering the higher growth rate of the sub-city which is far from saturation for another few years and inter-linking of roads facilitating free vehicular movement of neighbouring colonies through Dwarka, making the situation more chaotic day by day.

GreenOlutions with its commitment to Environment has taken up a case study on “Trafficulties in Dwarka – Need for alternatives” and is looking forward to your views on the subject as an enlightened and concerned citizen.

Since the issue is of utmost importance to all of us, we at GreenOlutions look forward to your valuable input by 21-11-2013 which could be a part of our Draft Project Report for our own posterity.

Dr. P K Datta