The Sahyog Shikshak Prashikshan Shivir in Dwarka Zila is being organised in Balmiki Mandir, Metro Station, Dwarka More. The shivir started on 13th April and will continue till 13th May. In this shivir training is imparted that is perfect for aspiring yoga teachers as well as serious practitioner who just want to develop their knowledge and practice yoga. Classes were taken by Manmohan Gupta, Behen Vijay Shri, Dr. Rajesh Yadav, Nikita, D.S. Walia. Ashok Tyagi, Ratan Singh Malik, Surendra Arya, Behen Vijayshri, Behen Nirmala, Behen Geetanjali, Captain Balwant, Bhagwan Sharma, Om Prakash, Gajral Dabbas, Shyam Gupta, Jagmal Arya, Neeta Bhandari, Nisha were also present. Krishna Kumar Garg taught all the hard asanas and Manmohan Gupta taught kunjal kriya and asanas. Nirmala Behen, Mahila Seh Rajya Prabhari, Delhi Prant says, ‘Manmohan Gupta is a silver medalist in North India, has won several medals all over Delhi state and also participated in National competition last year for his yoga expertise. He is doing good work in our district and we wish him luck that he keeps on training people of various yoga aasans and get them rid of diseases and pains.” Also Nirmala Behen did various Yoga Aasans and gave knowledge about their benefits which were very useful. A total of 25 registrations were done. The space constraint limited theparticipation to 20-25 only. The graduates will have complex understanding of all aspects of yoga – asan, pranayama, bandh kriya. The course provides a complete new mental and physical experience. All will be trained to become teachers so that they can train others for Swastha Bharat dream of Narendra Modi to be celebrated as Yoga Day on 21st June, 2018.