Hard Work and Luck !

R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri”

Hard work is like stairs,
And luck is like a lift …….

Lift may fail sometimes,
And leave you in a lurch;
But, whatever may be the occasion,
Good or bad weather ……….
Stairs always take you to the top ……..

Luck may help you once or twice,
But, hard work often brings success and happiness !

People benefitted by way of luck,
Can be counted on fingers,
As they are really very few ………..

But, stories of people who worked hard,
And changed their fortune, are plenty !!

And thus, remember always,
Even the lady luck brings broad smiles on
The faces of those who pleased her with hard work,
Hard work also begets invaluable treasure of experience …….

You may go to market for obtaining things or services,
And you can have the things of your choice –
If you possess sufficient money in your pocket;

But, without money, the shopkeeper may
Or may not allow you to have those things,
Because, money is your hard earned profit;
Whereas, borrowing is simply vulnerable to loss ………

And so dear ! Depend more on your hard work,
And less on the fallible and vicissitudinous luck !!!