STAR Plus new show Gulaal

Prem Babu Sharma

tar plus new show Gulal is new show
  starting the 15th of November, Monday to Friday at 9pm!  The story of Gulaal comes from the parched village of Talsagra in Kutch and its arch rival Rashipur. Gulaal is a bright 24-year-old residing in Rashipur, with a special gift of sensing water beneath the sand in an arid desert. Unfazed by the protests from the people of Rashipur and leaving behind her family and friends, Gulaal sets out to help the residents of Talsagra find water. Over time, the story beautifully portrays her ability to take intelligent and well informed decisions for the benefit of her people, her quest to find water in draught affected Talsagra with Vasantji and their love story.
Commenting on the launch of the show, Anupam Vasudev, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Star India, says, “The 9pm slot has always been a frontrunner for STAR Plus. As an apt replacement to the highly acclaimed Bidaai, we present the inspiring story of a selfless young character Gulaal, who will infuse a fresh breath of life into one’s television viewing experience. With a great production team, an engaging storyline and sprawling sets to our credit, we are confident that our viewers fall in love with Gulaal in the same way that they have patronized our other protagonists.

Narrating an awe-inspiring tale on a scale akin to any Bollywood movie, Gulaal is produced by Mr. Sunjoy Wadhwa of Sphere Origins and directed by Siddharth Sengupta. Written by Prakash Kapadia of Black, Saawariya and Devdas fame and cinematographed by Sanjay K Memane, the show magnificently portrays authentic culture, beautiful locales and scintillating music that magnifies and heightens the story plot. The production team has indulged in minute detailing of the sprawling sets and costumes with professional artisans and skilled craftsmen from Kutch. Acclaimed music director, Ismail Darbar has done a brilliant job on bringing the vibrant Kutchi music alive on small screen; the theme song of Gulaal composed by him has been sung by Shankar Mahadevan.
 Besides the mesmerising landscapes and high definition production quality of the show, Gulaal also has a talented ensemble of actors to look forward to. The character of Gulaal will be played by the beautiful Manasi Parekh marking her comeback to television while Rahil Azam of Hatim Tai fame will play Vasantji, her love interest in the show. Popular actors like Sushant Singh, Manoj Joshi, Pankaj Tripathi, Shakti Singh, Ragini Shah, Neha Kaul, Arav Chowdharry and many more will also be seen playing significant roles in the show.