The organization firmly believes that everyone in this society has a contribution which cannot be gauged on the lines of caste, creed, religion or the financial strength one has. We are of the opinion that everyone in this society deserves to be treated at par with all our fellow brethren for the benefit of one & all & not limiting the benefits to only a selected privileged few. Everyone must get equal opportunity to showcase the abilities & build up on their capabilities for making significant contribution for the betterment of all the citizens.

Keeping in mind the issues & challenges that have been sighted the organization has taken as a mission to work in these clusters, starting with two such camps at the moment viz. Sanjay Gandhi in the Chanakya Puri area. In the camp at Chanakya Puri we are facilitating the Mid-day meal program for the girl children . Through this initiative we not only provide Nutritious Lunch to these 50 girl children, we also organize a Medical Check up camp once in a month on a regular basis. To further bring these children into the mainstream of society we have provide the Beauty culture course to these children which shall enable them to financially gain some independence & ensure that they could contribute to the bottom line of their respective families. This shall also help our second cause of creating awareness amongst women about their rights, privileges, responsibilities, as citizens of this country through education on Health, sanitation, Aanganwaadi, & we are embarking on a SHG initiative pretty soon. Regular athletics & other competitions are being held to promote camaraderie & healthy competitive spirit in them for vying for their space in the moments of Glory.

Jawahar camp at Kirti Nagar was formed in 1984-85, wherein we have around 2500 Jhuggis & a majority of these immigrant laborers are from Eastern UP & Bihar . The primary occupations of the women of this locality are Maid –servant & working in the factories. Around 70% of the men here are engaged as workers in the factories & 30% are engaged in their own errands like Pan/cigarette shop, etc. Only a handful of the children here go to schools, & the rest are engaged in the profession of being rag pickers. There is no community centre in this locality & the schools are also pretty far off .The condition of these children is pitiable so we have conducted a Need assessment in the Jawahar Camp at Kirti Nagar so that we may start the work in this location as well alongwith the other locations that we are engaged at present. Through the Need assessment we have identified the following needs :

· To arrange for sending the children to school engaged in the Rag-picking profession.
· Vaccination for all the children for protection against critical illness.
· Women welfare programs
· An informal education arrangement for the children engaged in these odd jobs
· Run a vocational training centre for the girl children ( at least one)
· To arrange for some vocational training for the women to gain some financial independence.
To make all these measures rewarding we need to focus on working on any such initiatives that we deem essential for bringing these neglected sections of the society into mainstream . We thus seek your support for making these efforts successful by joining hands.

Source: Dwarka Parichay news & information services